I fence, therefore I am

Got back a few hours ago from a small fencing tournament in Scranton, PA. 3 1/2 hours in the car each way with a couple of crazy fencers (Daven, Sean and Amy should be commended for their dedication to the sport, and their willingness to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to go to a tournament) is almost a good time in and of itself. The competition itself was fierce. After the pools were completed, I was seeded 6th out of the 12 sabre fencers competing. Daven(#11) wasn't too happy about having to fence me, since he normally doesn't go anywhere near sabre fencers, much less any of the vet sabre fencers in our club at RIT. As I progressed through the tournament bracket, I faced the number 3, 2 and 1 seeds, and emerged victorious. You can see my reward below in the picture of me grinning like an idiot.
My First Top Finish

And now, my bed is calling me.

PS: Yes, amazingly, I actually posted a new entry.

Brain dump

Time to unload some stuff from my head to make room for even more stuff. I should do this more often...

  • Still on Winter Break. Driving back to school with my new car on Sunday 1/2/05. Hoorays! Should be an interesting trip.

  • Spent a week in Florida to thaw out a bit before returning to The Northern Wastes.

  • Reading Getting Things Done. So far it's making sense, and I look forward to having an organized way to deal with stuff, things, work, projects and other assorted mental flotsam. This is my major goal (read: Cliche New Year's Resolution)

  • Tried to add Bluetooth to my phone (partly because it would be fun to play with). Everything I've read indicates that this should work with no problems given my combination of phone and BT adapter, except that Verizon doesn't like people to do useful, fun or unusually geeky things with their phones. Verizon can choke on it. Hopefully Motorola will be more helpful. For those keeping score, it's a Motorola Timeport 270c phone, with a DC600 Bluetooth Adapter by the same company. I will probably update here with any results from talking with Motorola.

  • Nothing much else comes to mind to write. But I need to do this more often. Anyone who reads this should encourage, remind or threaten me to write more often. Use a bat if you have to.
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A new personal record...

From new blog to completely neglected in under 1 month! Beat my previous best by about 2 weeks.

Well, Winter Quarter started here at RIT. OS (Read Linux/Unix) Scripting should be fun. Let's see if my roommate can put his WoW addiction aside long enough to not fail his classes this semester...
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Neglecting it already!

Yeah, so I haven't updated this in over a week. I knew this would happen.
Haven't been sleeping much (or very well when I do) lately. I seem to be in cycles of staying up and then crashing for an afternoon or two. Not what I need right now. It's hard to focus on things a bit, especially any sort of personal project or interest (hence the non-updatedness of this here journal). Looks like another night of it right now (almost 5:00 AM). I need to find a way refocus my mind this weekend. Maybe fencing practice Saturday afternoon will help. Stabbings can be very therapeutic, especially when there is no threat of legal proceedings afterwards. At least classes are still going well. Maybe I'll try to get some sleep now. "Oh sure, then later we can play with the fabric of time and space!"
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It's official...

I gave in. Not sure what I'm gonna do here.

So who am I? I am nerdeverde to the world, greengeek to my close online friends, Matt to those who know me in MeatSpace, and overall just a bit confused.

Will I do anything useful here? Is this a sign of the Apocolypse? Will Timmy ever get out of that well? Stay Tuned...
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